There are numerous phenomenons that occur in this world, few of them are destructive and powerful while others occur to create life.   Our planet earth is thus full of surprises that till this present day it keeps having destructive outburst that may people are suffering from it taking away lives but yet creating new ones by making land or even taking them.   I am a geologist whom specializes in both volcanoes and earthquakes and this time I was given a mission to go back in time to study these phenomenon even more so that I may someday save and protect this planet, Earth.   I have made myself a part of this journey because I have seen numerous people lose life because the inventions and our knowledge to predict are far more less-intelligent that I thought.  
I am going to start my journey at the beginning of time where Andrew Wegnar stated that Earth Continent was one a whole one piece instead of the seven continents we have now, and see how the Puzzle theory which he stated maybe have worked and what the consequence of that event was.   Since Andrew Wegnar discovered the Continental drift this idea led to the sea floor spreading, found by Harry Hess which we were actually able to see that the land mass was moving a part in the sea.   After seeing the wonder of plate tectonics, which is defined as continental drift + sea floor spreading which means that earth surface is covered with plates that move around, I am planning to go see the great eruption of mount saint Helen and see for myself how destructive that event was, and how I can see with my own eyes how powerful the lateral blast was which shocked countless geologists.   Finally I will end my journey at the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and see how powerful and unexpected that even was.   Thus my duty for this travel is to research all this destructive events that occurred during the past and see what we can do in order to lessen these events in order to have less sufferings.
I started off my journey at Pangaea...