Genn 200

Communication and Collaboration
The Pathways to Learning (Carol Carter, 2007) exercise shows me that my main learning style is Visual-Spatial. Meaning that I “...perceive and create images” (Carter) while learning. This explains why it is the easiest for me to learn through pictures and diagrams, not text. When studying I should “develop charts and graphs” (Carter) to help me understand the concepts. Also using “colors in notes” (Carter) to make categories will help my mind associate text word and their appropriate subjects. I will continue to “develop graphic organizers for new materials” (Carter). I have been using a star in my notes to mark something that needs further attention; a few more symbols are a great idea for the future.
I also test high in the Bodily-Kinesthetic category. This explains my strong “ability to use the physical body skillfully and to take in knowledge through bodily sensations” (Carter). This rationalizes my career as an auto mechanic and why I excelled so quickly. Everything can not be hands on, so when I must learn from written literature I will try to “move fingers under words while reading” (Carter) to help me tie a bodily function to the reading. This has always helped me in the past and I will continue to use it in the future.
I am not shocked to be categorized to have an interpersonal personality. I have enjoy being around others. An interpersonal personality is defined as the “ability to relate to others, noticing their moods, motivations, and feelings” (Carter). In the past I would “teach someone else” (Carter) as a means of helping myself review the material. Making and “us[ing] flash cards with others” (Carter) strengthens the knowledge that I have already absorbed. I will continue to use these techniques in the future.
While taking the “Personality Spectrum I” (Carter) I was expecting to be an adventurer. I have always had a “high ability in a variety of fields” (Carter). While being an automotive mechanic I was always...