Genetics and the Effects of One's Diet Contributing to Life Expantion

While One’s Genetics are Predetermined Eating a Healthy Diet Can Extend and Improve One’s Quality of Life

Everyone envisions his or her future. It is reasonable to assume that all strive to achieve a long and happy life.   Thanks to scientific advancement and research, the span and quality of a human life can reach a prolongation never before imagine.     I.Genetics once played a much bigger role when considering one’s life span.
      Genetics once played a major role when considering one’s life span. Families harbor histories of ailments such as gout and baldness to the serious end of the health spectrum where cancer and Alzheimer’s wait.   However, knowing one’s genetic tendencies and being proactive is the key to fighting what is not a definite diagnosis.   Pamela Peeke, M.D. M.P.H., wrote in her book “Fight Fat over forty,” “Genetics may load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger”
        II. Our Diet and What We Put Into Our Bodies
            Scientists have proven that what we eat, what we put in
  Our bodies in the form of liquids, supplements and, our surrounding environment all affect our quality of life and aging process.   If we view our bodies as the machines that they truly are then we would understand that there were certain fuels that make our bodies, or rather, machines run better than others do.   From the hair on our heads to the nails on our feet, the body uses something from the fuel we put into it.   Eating unhealthy foods filled with chemicals and lacking in nutrients will cause chemical changes to our systems setting our bodies up for chronic diseases.   Chronic diseases reduce both quantity and quality of our life span. One must change their thinking about food from enjoyment to fuel for life in order to plan for a healthy future.
        III. Extending the Length and Quality of Life in Today’s World
It is possible now more than ever before to extend our lifespan.   Today over 80% of children are vaccinated.   We have a multitude...