Preserving Our Humanity

Denisse M. Villalobos-Vega
Professor Mark Schwartz
English 101
19 September 2014

Preserving our Humanity
“With great power comes great responsibility”
                  ‒ Uncle Ben (Spider-Man Comics)
Nowadays, technology is evolving at such incredible speed; most people are not fully prepared for some of the new developments. That is probably one of the reasons why some scientific researches are not known to the general public. This world has seen vehicles, telephones, televisions, space rockets, computers, smart phones, robots, etc. which are now part of our daily lives. Now we have the latest researches, new genetics, which consists of the manipulation of genes and cloning. Scientists have developed a new knowledge on genetic manipulation and they want to provide the world with that knowledge and use it to our benefit. It would be difficult for the humankind to accept something like this, let alone be a part of it, since it’s something so fragile that can have many negative consequences for humans, who often tend to be afraid of the unknown.   Are the genetic manipulations a benefit for the human race? How far will they go without crossing the line of our humanity?
Scientists must be really careful with the way they use this knowledge. The Dalai Lama, leader of the Central Tibetan Administration, says: “We cannot imagine how such practices could affect our very concept of what it is to be human.” The reason he said that, is because technology is so advanced that we may alter our mere humanity using genetic manipulation to become a more “superior” being. With this situation, it seems that soon enough, superheroes may exist. In The Amazing Spider-Man movie, they talked about cross-species genetic engineering. By using the genes of an animal and introducing the genes in a human, the human may gain the abilities of that animal. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) was bitten by a genetically enhanced, radioactive spider, and so he gains some abilities like...