Do You Hear What I Hear?
The gender pay gap is common knowledge among working Americans.   The question all women are asking is when will equality of income be accomplished.   Is it an issue that women are still fighting for?   Women have fought for many issues regarding equality over the years.   Some issues required louder voices than others.   Are women’s voices loud enough in this generation to overcome the adversity of their male counterparts?   Over the decades gender equality has reached heights not thought of by early Americans.   One of the first movements for women’s rights was the right to vote for our representatives in government.   This movement was finally accomplished in 1920 (Lewis), 144 years after the birth of the United States of America.   This is the same country that guaranteed freedom from oppression.   Why did it take over 100 years to accomplish this feat?   Now here we are 234 years since the big birth of liberty and freedom and still women are not treated as equals.   This inequality resides directly in the corporate structure.   Studies and research have proven that men are compensated more in the workplace than their women counterparts.   How many more years will it take until we are treated as equals?
The variation in the corporate pay structure varies between job descriptions, education, experience, and effort.   A person with a high education naturally receives a higher pay scale.   The same goes with experience.   However, inequality exists in how these pay scales are calculated.   A man and a woman have the same education, experience, and job position in Company X, but the man receives higher compensation even though they both are contributing equally.   Why is this so?   Some believe that this results from the psychology or biology that entails the woman.   In a psychological study mating attributes were examined according to financial status.   It showed that women were more likely to choose a financial stable mate than males did.   Resulting in a...