Ge's Marketing and Leadership

GE’s Management and Leaders

General Electrics is a successful internationally operating organization acclaimed not only as the most admired company but also the most respected company in the world (Grant, 2005). The global popularity of the company pushed the company up as one of the top multi billion dollars company producing and supplying highly recognized lines of product brands throughout the world. The success of the company has been attributed to its capability to cultivate efficient and healthy organizational through effective management and leadership.
      The successful operations of any organization like General require management and leadership, which play as key determinants in the success or failure of the business. The process of management include four functions which include planning, organizing, leading and controlling applying different strategies to accomplish the organizational objective or goals. The General Electrics has been known for its efficiency in maintaining an effective organizational structure lined up with the best people contributing to the success of the company. The company has been bound with a solid foundation of management and leadership determined to develop strategies in the practices of the human resources practices contributing to accomplish one of the company priorities to set quality and satisfactory standard customer services.
      General Electrics has been successful in its strategic efforts in keeping an updated organizational structure attributed as a major contributor in the success attained by the company. As a globally-operating giant company, the overall control of the General Electrics is on the palms of the Corporate Executive Officer (CEO) with lines of successful corporate staffing working hand in hand in the management of the organized segments of the company. The management of the company has been known for its efficiency since the commencement of the operation but the successful management of the...