Gates of Fire

Name: Christopher Bouchie Report Date: Feb 16th, 2016

Book Read: Gates of Fire Recommended: Yes

Author: Steven Pressfield ISBN:

Book source: Company book Reading List: Commandants reading list

Book Synopsis:

A captive Greek, named Xeones, begins to tell his story to a scribe who works for the Persian King, Xerxes. The scribe warns Xerxes, the Persian king, that the story contains much foul language, but the King wants to read exactly what Xeones has to say. Xeones sustains life-threatening battle wounds, and he had been dead for a short period before the Greek god, Apollo, sends him back to life in order to tell the story of the Battle of Thermopylae. He is then captured by the Persians and Xerexes orders his surgeons to make sure Xeones recovers so he can know exactly how such a small army did so much damage to his army of over 10,000 soldiers.
Xeones, at nine-years-old, loses his city to an invading force, that were supposed to be allied with them. He runs to the mountains with his cousin, Diomache, and an old slave, named Bruxieus. They start to go back to the city to see if there is anyone left and some soldiers that attacked their city told them to come down and they wouldn’t hurt them. Then six soldiers proceed to take Diomache behind a building where they took turns raping her. They told Diomache and Xeones if they didn’t want that to happen to her again to avoid going into cities. They then start to live in the mountains and they learn how to hunt and steal. Bruxieus made them study and recite phrases and verses from the poet Simonides. One day Xeones got greedy trying to steal from a farm and got caught. The farmers decided to crucify him, but for now they just nailed his hands to the boards until morning so everyone could witness them killing him. Diomache and Bruxieus wait for them to get tired and to go get some food to save Xeones. With the bones in his hand shattered Xeones wanted to die, because he would never be able to...