Game Addiction

Purpose of study

Game addiction us a global phenomenon and appears to lead to poorer grades in UMP and serious psychological problems including depression, anxiety, social phobia and lower academic performance. Some students who are addicted to computer games have more violent out bursts, causing them to get into physical fights and verbal arguments with friends, family and lecturers.
In response to this issue, a committee was set up to investigate the issue further. The purpose of this study described in this research report was to search the causes students becomes addicted to computer games, to identify the several signs to look for when there is a concern about computer game addiction and to verify the effect of game addiction and to describe the solution to solve this issue.

  * To investigate the symptoms of video game addict among UMP student.
  * To determine if there is any related effect experienced to video game addiction.
  * To identify the possible causes of video game addiction.

Scope of study
This research only involve of UMP student. This is because our research is about game addiction among ump student. The reason we conducted this research is because we facing with this problem.

Background Information

Video games are games played using a console that are called platforms. Which involve user interaction and the feedback is generated on a video device. These consoles can be as large as a mainframe computer to a small as handheld devices. The device use to control the game movement is called a game controller. The varieties of controller are widespread across all platforms, for example a controller may consist of only a joystick or may consist of only buttons or a little bit of both. Keyboard or separate joysticks are often needed for gameplay on the early personal computer games. Nowadays, players are allowed or required to use a keyboard and a mouse simultaneously. These particular video games are to providing interactivity and...