Fund Untilization

Fund Unitization
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The approval rating of the Chief Financial Officer is about 33% and the satisfaction of the employees is one and a half on a scale of one to three. I submit that the certain amounts should be allocated to the morale of Tootsie Rolls employees. The company employs has over two thousand employee. They have a high turnover rate due to lack of direction
A portion of the funds secured by the suggested loan will be used to contract a company Seegrid Corp. and Kiva Systems. to build robot’s to perform various tasks within the Tootsie Roll factory and warehouse. Placing robots in the warehouse and factory will increase production and revenue. The number of employees will be reduced and insure that existing employees are well trained in various technical areas that involve the support of the robots mechanics.   The company is looking to expand internationally in Europe and Asia. The use of robots would increase warehouse production.   The use of robots would assist Tootsie Roll in increasing its revenue. “Robotic material handling, which has existed in production for quite some time, is finding an ever larger home in distribution”. This function is growing at an increased rate. and will become an indispensible instrument in the supply chain. And increasingly these robots are mobile, unlike material handling robots in production, which are primarily stationary. As robots move from production into distribution and become more mobile, new market opportunities are arising for automation companies”. ()   In most warehouses there are three shifts with employees that operate machines. Implementing robots would decrease the number of employees needed for each shift.
Improve marketing strategies. There have been innovative commercials that would draw additional sales of