Developing Funding Choices

The City of Denver provides for its recycling endeavor through the Department of Public Works within its annual budget. The city budget places funding in required funds per governmental accounting standards, yet allows each department to disburse the allocated funding as necessary. Denver’s recycling programs have reach a cost savings point, allowing additional revenue for the programs. These programs have won national recognition and favorable public opinions.
Sources of Revenue
According to the Governmental Standards Accounting Board (2009) there are three primary groups of funds into which revenues are placed. These funds are governmental, proprietary and fiduciary. Fiduciary funds are government accounts which hold funds for specific groups or outside parties; an example is an employee pension fund. Proprietary funds report on activities which generate revenue themselves. Governmental funds are more complex, consisting of the following five types: general fund, special revenue fund, debt services fund, capital projects fund and permanent funds. These funds are the very basic services and account for the bulk of the revenue placement.
The general fund holds the basic operating expenses of the government. Everything not designated to another funds is contained here. Special revenue funds are used as a reporting means for specific sources of revenue and funds for a specific purpose. Sometimes this account is used for functions such as road maintenance or a new storm sewer. The debt services funds is strictly for repayment of debts. Debts related to a specific fund or activity are accounted for within those funds. Capital project funds hold the monies for construction, rehabilitation and acquisition of assets such as roads, buildings and equipment. These may also appear in special revenue funds. Permanent funds hold resources which cannot be expended, such as invested resources which must be held in perpetuity, although the government may spend the interest...