French Ambassador

Contemporary History
Amy Sandman
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Course Number: History 410
Professor Hammerling
July 2016

  Jules Ferry was the Prime Minster of France as the nation launched its imperial expansion. Jules Ferry was in a debate with members of the French Parliament as he defended his decision to expand. These 3 questions will give insight on why Jules Ferry was so adamant on his decision in defense of the French for exportation.
According to Ferry, what recent developments in the world trade have made it urgent for France to have colonies?
Ferry took some time to go and examine what was going on with other countries. He came to realize that other countries were exporting goods and France was not as much, therefore adding more colonies for export of goods would only be a benefit France.   Other countries could become a real threat soon if France does not make some changes. Ferry realized that Germany was setting up trade barriers and that the United States, which was across the ocean, was becoming extreme protectionists. He felt that Europe and the hard working people in his country have a real need for exporting their goods. He was quoted to say” Yes, what is lacking for our great industry, drawn irrevocably on to the path of exportation by the (free trade) treaties of 1860”. What Jules ferry was referring to was the trade treaty between France and Great Britain, which lowered tariffs between the two countries. Although what they lacked the most was export marketing.
What arguments against imperialism have been raised by Ferry’s critics? How does he counter them?
Ferry felt strongly that the superior race has the right to impose regular commerce and that they had duty to civilize the inferior races. He felt in earlier history theses duties were misunderstood. Referring to the Spanish...