Franz Ferdinand Assassination

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated yesterday morning during his visit to Sarajevo. The morganatic duke and his wife were shot dead by a middle-aged Serbian called Princip who- part of the Black Hand- managed to shoot the two when their driver took a wrong turn.
The Black Hand (listed on the right) tried to assassinate him, but their first attempt failed and when Princip saw the driver take a wrong turn while he was at Schiller’s café and took it upon himself to kill the Archduke, the bullet piercing the duke’s neck.
The duke had very little officers around to subdue any attackers (200) and decided on having an open top car and despite wearing a ‘bullet proof vest’ died. The attempt before by Curbranovic was a heroic attempt, but it failed nonetheless as the grenade he threw at the duke’s car bounced of the car and did not detonate until the car sped down the street as he had forgotten about the grenade’s fuse time. The apprehesor made the fault of visiting the oppressed.
Although Serbia can celebrate the death of the Archduke we cannot celebrate the consequences… WAR. Although we do have Russia on our side they have Germany. This could in turn cause other countries to act upon their promise in their alliances such as Great Britain. Those two bullets Princip fired could change and shape the modern world as we know it.