Foriegn Nations

Some people say having a good job, having a nice home, and making good money is what the American Dream is about. Others say living in a country where one has political freedom, we have equal rights, and there is safety for children is the true definition. Educational opportunities, such as going to college as came up in the discussion. However, the components of the dream, can be different for each person, especially for those who are migrating to this country.
Since there are many versions of the American Dream, it is almost safe to say that anyone who sets out to achieve their piece of the dream defines it. The American Dream cannot be define by one group of people. This country is said to be the “melting pot” of the world and is filled with generations of the families from different part of the world. Each family has a unique story of how they set out to reach the American Dream and what the dream is composed of. Asking who defines the American Dream is a difficult question, because not one person has the same dream and goals.
The United States is a country unlike any other of the World. Our laws and ways of life are based on the principal of “We the people for the people”. Since our country has laws that protect the rights and freedom of our citizens, it tends to draw people to our country. They also see that there are many opportunities educational and financially. People leave the lives that they once knew in order to better themselves and their families. Although it can be a struggle, as many immigrants often see. The have to work many jobs in order to survive, in order to just get a small taste of the dream. They also face discrimination struggles. Many American do not want these immigrants to have the opportunities. The area that is it mostly seen is in education. Children with immigration background often work harder to achieve the American Dream. Despite whatever may these immigrants believe in the American Dream, and will find a way to achieve it.