In the world also has the ratio chocolate to be suitable for celebration situation food? Although the global each place culture, the tradition are various, but the chocolate always can make these special days to improve on perfection.

In world each place, has some such holidays, because had the chocolate, the holiday becomes romantic warm.

Valentine's Day in Japan
in Japan, the chocolate culture is quite common.In February 14, has woman to bestow the chocolate to the gentleman the custom; When on March 14, white valentine day, the gentleman bestows the chocolate to woman.Gives the friend, the relative or colleague's chocolate is been called giri-choco (love of the chocolate).“giri-choco” chocolate source in Japanese's special emotion.In Japan, if the gentleman has not received the chocolate present in the valentine day, can think embarrassed, therefore in this day, women all can give around her the gentleman to bestow the chocolate, does not let them have the feeling which neglects.But, regarding the gentleman who admires, woman can deliver the especially fine chocolate, sometimes personally will manufacture, is called honmei-choco (to give future white horse prince's chocolate).

Christmas Eve in France
in France, the Christmas tree is unpopular. French's tradition is reunites in a Christmas night of whole family in is burning “the Christmas firewood” around the fireplace.“Christmas firewood” the inspiration comes from in buche de Noel (English refers to Christmas Log, namely Christmas log).The Christmas log is made frequently the log shape the chocolate cake.When Christmas Eve midnight, the whole family sits in a circle in the same place celebrates “le reveillon” the grand feast, this time, presents “the Christmas firewood” the chocolate cake to enable the evening banquet to reach the high tide.

Easter Around the the World
Germany is “the Easter rabbit” the birthplace, in rabbit's basket is loaded with gives child's candy, this custom in 16th...