Food Prepartion

I have previous experience of basic food preparation. In my previous job at Tower Hamlets Leaving Care Service as a User Involvement Worker I was responsible for encouraging young people to cook and use the service more.
In order to do this I had to ensure that the kitchen items were set up for the young people to use. This meant that I had to ensure that all utensils were clean, chopping boards were available to use and all food was ready for the young people to begin their cooking.
I supervised the young people whilst they prepared their meals, ensuring that they prepared the food in a hygienic manner. For example I had to make sure that they did not use the same knife to cut meat as they did for chicken.

As previously mentioned, as part of my job role at Tower Hamlets Leaving Care Service, I was given a basic induction into food hygiene and health and safety in the kitchen.
It was important for me to be aware and pay attention during this induction process as; I was responsible for giving young people direction in the kitchen, I had to always observe the young people to ensure that did not break food hygiene procedures and that they followed the basic rules and used the correct colour coded items for each type of meat. For example blue for meat, red for chicken, yellow for fish. I printed labels and stuck these on posters on the kitchen wall, so that the young people could follow basic food hygiene processes.
The posters that I created also had what we called ‘good kitchen rules’ this ensured that they did not fight with sharp objects and used items such as knives, forks and other kitchen items in a safe and responsible manner.
Anyone that did not follow these rules was not allowed to attend these classes again.

I have an awareness of healthy eating. Part of the idea of encouraging young people to prepare the food, was to promote healthy living and the benefits to your long term health if you eat food that has health benefits.
The purposes of the...