Food Anthology

Compare two texts from the anthology which would be useful in helping someone decide where to eat.

Text 12 and text 13 would be useful in helping someone decide where to eat. The form of text 12 is a review in a magazine informing you on which restaurant is the best place to eat. The form of text 13 is an article in a newspaper which is also a review with of again informing you whether or not The Modern is the place to eat. The purpose of text 12 is to inform you on the best restaurant/bar to eat pizza. The writer does this by each restaurant having two pizzas reviewed and rated alongside a review/rating for overall experience. The writer reviews and compares the pizzas/experience at four different pizza restaurants, saving the best restaurant till the end of the article. The purpose of text 13 is to again inform you of the experience of the writer. He talks about The Modern restaurant in Manchester and how other than a good waitress, a wholly negative review of food, wine and experience at the restaurant. The audience of text 12 are readers of the magazine as well as those interested in the topic of food or just looking for new places to dine near them. The audience of text 13 is reader of the newspaper or those interested in new places to dine as well as a fan of the writer himself and his entertaining reviews.
One way text 12 helps someone decide where to eat is it uses graphology to set the mood and atmosphere. In the first review of text 12 which is on the Olive Press; the image looks pretentious however that not the case because it’s only a pizza bar. Then it goes on to describe the ‘interiors are rustic meets contemporary urban chic’ this reinforces the idea of the pizza bar being pretentious, but the overall experience suggests otherwise. This would be useful in helping someone decide where to eat. The second review on text 12 is on Piccolino, the image used gives the reader a sense on chicness, looks very modern and a nice place to eat on a warm summer...