Identity Anthology

Statement of intent for my Anthology:

I have prepared multiple writings that coincide with one another to form a creative identity timeline of a young native Australian. Clay is the young boy that is at the heart of the identity change. My journal (written from Mrs Baker’s point of view) sets the scene for the life of Clay, from which the story branches off, refining Clay’s identity. Further journal writings lead up to the poem ‘Life’s Embroidery’ which captures the essence of Clay’s identity time line.
18 January 2004

Dear Diary,
Today Clay entered our family; he is a cute boy with brown eyes and a flashing white smile.   He is always thinking under his mop of black hair. There seems to be a lot that is troubling him-he seems to be slightly distant from the world.
Its hard for me, because I constantly need to be aware of his culture, he needs special attention and care. He is thirteen years old, and yet I have to start with basic Bible stories and truths.   I have to be careful not to make him into who he isn’t. It’s emotionally draining to raise someone else’s child, some who has never heard about God, whose culture stresses communalism, and who feels like his situation is his own fault.
Today Geoff took him aside and explained that we read and pray to the Lord and what that means. It was so humbling to start back at the basics to teach Clay God’s Word. I often take it for granted that my children believe in the Lord, yet today I was shown that I am richly blessed that my children believe. He feels out of place in our family, but I hope that this soon resolves itself. The children have all accepted him as their new brother, (except Bryon who is annoyed that he has to give up his room and share with Tim.) I hope that he doesn’t make it too hard for Clay to adapt. Anyway, it is getting late and everyone is in bed so I will say goodnight, and pray that the Lord will give me the strength to look after Clay to the best of my ability.
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