Foam Pump Briefly, at the Same Time as Ideas, Characteristics, Repair and Upkeep, Application and Applicable Market

As a result of industrial process causes in slurry transport processes could produce some floating bubbles, for instance ore flotation,

Floatation foam industries inside the pulp arise, ordinary standard submersible slurry pump slurry in mineral processing is just not suitable for conveying this foam slurry,

Structure in the foam pump by means of a special design can adapt nicely to flotation, bubbles seem within the mineral business, so called bubble pump, is actually owned by centrifugal slurry pumps.

The pump head for dual pump shell structure, high flowing parts with tough nickel, chrome or rubber supplies, transmission components and EVM (r) to slurry pump of GM.

Hopper loading boxes of steel structural components, based on the various transmission medium can override the liner, pump outlet location at 45 degrees intervals.

This pump can proficiently get rid of the slurry when at function in a bubble. In case of insufficient material still functioning.

Applicable to all kinds of floatation process flow, is ideal for transporting slurry bubble class-type pumps. Transmission capacity far exceeds other types of products, and you don't want any shaft seal and shaft sealing of water.

This kind of pump is suitable for industries, for instance metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical substances, used for transportation of high corrosion resistance and high corrosion resistance of foam slurry

Repair and maintenance

? Adjustment of impeller

In an effort to assure the pump's efficient operation, you must adjust the impeller and shield plate gap.

Steps are as follows: pump, loosen the fastening bolts of the bearing body; bearing physique and hopper connection between adjustment gasket, bearing Assembly will move up, and press the pump operating axis of rotation by hand till the impeller and cover until the slight friction, and tighten the fastening bolts, recheck the rotation from the impeller is standard. For metal-lined pumps, impeller and...