Apply Turbocharged Technology to Improve the Strengthen of the Flotation Machine

For a long time, mining machinery manufacturers are suffering the trouble of that the flotation is not complete, partly because it is difficult to identify some of the ore, and also the flotation machine technique is limited,raw complex gold ore processing device which result in wherever the flotation result is not ideal. Henan Zenith mining machinery Co., Ltd, applies the turbocharged technology, the the latest technology, breaking through the flotation machine's technologic difficulty. Floating mine is no longer a difficult problem, directly leading problem mentioned has been solved.
Turbocharging technique is to use the waste gas generated from the operation of Internal Combustion Engine to drive Air compressor. Similar with Super Charger's function, both of them can increase the air flow into the internal combustion engine or boiler, to improve the machine efficiency. Common used in automobile engine, through the heat and flow of the discharging waste gas,raw gold processing milling machine turbocharger can improve the power output of internal combustion engine.
First what is the turbocharger. Turbocharger's English name is "Turbo", generally speaking, when we see "Turbo" or "T" in the car tail, namely that the car's engine is the Turbo engine. Believe that everyone in the road has seen many such vehicles, such as Audi A6 1. 8 T, Passat 1. 8 T, the Baolai 1. 8 T, and so on.
Pressurization purpose: The main function of the turbocharged engine is to raise the air inflow,river sand washing and screening equipment thus improving the engine's power and torque, making the flotation machine more powerful. When one engine is mounted by turbocharger, its highest power can increase 40% or higher than before. This also means that the same engine can produce more power after pressurization. For instance, the most common 1. 8 T turbo engine, after pressurization, power can reach on the level of 2. 4 L engine, however, fuel consumption is...