The twenties were the time of flappers, bobs, and jazz with nothing but buying exorbitant goods in between. However, these careless times were short – lived and the “dirty” thirties began a few years later. Society was affected on a large economic scale which in turn put a strain on the familial bonds of those trying to survive the drastic transition between these two decades as men went to drastic lengths to support their families.  
During the 1920's America went through an important economical change. They were enjoying a 'boom' which was a time of prosperity. This was also known as the "roaring twenties". These were the production line, the new music and media scene and family life. Women changed and were given new limitations, and a lot more people became a lot more independent. Production lines and businesses were important because the Americans believed the way to prosperity was to buy lots of consumer goods, have a good house and a good job.

During the roaring twenties, Americans had a new idea of prosperity. They believed, to reach it, they had to buy lots of consumer goods, have a big house, have a good job and have enough money to eat.

Most people, including women started work so they could earn money. Everyone who had enough money bought a big house, they had money for food and most of all, and they bought consumer goods. These sold very well, and the people who made these found that businesses were the main way to earn money. As more people invested in more things such as the stock market, they earned more money and bought more consumer goods.

Banks were loaning more and more people, a lot more money, and so people were able to use credit to buy goods and other items.

Soon, more new age technologies were invented, such as the car, the washing machine and vacuum cleaner, and so more industries arrived because of thisThere was also the fact that women now had a lot more freedom and this meant, more divorced in unhappy marriages. More women...