Flapper Fasion

WoMEN, Bring out the Flapper in YOU

Wanting to be more bold and beautiful but you don’t know how to keep in touch with today’s quickly changing, scandalous fashion? Our quick “how to” will make your soon to be “flapper fabulous” look as easy as one, two, three.
The flapper look is noticeable and trendy. Admit it, when these women walk into the room, all eyes are on them. This CAN be YOU! With a little help from us, we can transform you from ordinary, to extraordinary. All it takes is a little shopping, courage, and some easy tips to follow.
Hello Legs:
As the years are climbing, so are our skirt hems. It seems as though every year that goes by, dresses and skirts are shortening. Keep up with this look by showing more leg. Uneven and layered, flowing fabrics will really help you achieve this look. When out shopping, look for skirts and dresses just above the knee. Pair them with sheer stockings, and you’ll be well on your way to stunning.
As for make-up; a powered face, dark lipstick and a little blush will do the trick. This will really make you stand out amongst the crowd. Remember, the lips are most important. Vibrant or deep reds will really capture attention.
There’s a MAN in Every WoMAN:
Masculinity with a flare is definitely needed in today’s fashion. A flat chest and a tan body will make your look truly pop. Keep the dresses short, but less fitted. The less curves, the better ladies!
Speaking of curves, can’t seem to get em’ away? Try a long corset that flattens all the way from your mid section to your hips.
Additionally, busty girls, fear no longer! No more wrapping your chest with uncomfortable bandaging and such. In local stores near you, you can now purchase many brands of bras that separate, but do not suffocate. Now, isn’t that what we all wanted in the first place?
Hair Styles:
The main question a woman asks while getting ready for the day is always, “what do I do with my hair?” Well ladies, the answer is simple, CHOP IT OFF!...