First Aid

Section 1.6
Refer to works policy, protocols and guidelines: at Lullabyz we would 1. Fill in the accident form asap after the incident/accident. 2. the form must be read and counter signed by the manager 3. Forms must be read and signed by parent or carer. 4. The form is then put in the folded and locked in the cupboard in the office.
Complete accident/ incident form
Inform HSE/CSSIW of incidents as child/infant injury on play equipment infectious diseases.
Records are stored for a min of 3years.
Accident/incidents forms are part of the data protection act 1998 and should be stored safely and securely.
The above applies to children, infants, all staff and visitors in the workplace.
1.7. Define and infant and a child for the purpose of first aid treatment.
An infant is from new born to 1 year of age.
A child is from 1year old to 8years.
A child (minor) is from 8years-puberty.
NB. A child is classed as a minor until their 18 birthday.
Section 2.1. conduct a scene survey.
Leisure centre- hazards and hurdles prior to treating a casualty.
Wet floor
Uneven surfaces
Swimming pool
Noise level
Car park
Unknown casualty
Access and egress
2.2. conduct a primary survey on an infant and child.
Keep calm and reassure casualty
Calm and confident voice to be used.
Keep instructions simple
Primary survey
Shout-voice mobile help
Airway- blocked/ not blocked
Breathing breathing/not breathing
C= cpr circulation
D= defibulator disability.
E= examine expose
Help maintain casualty privacy
Beware that any casualty has the right the refuse help.(seek further advice)
Beaware that by standers and family members may also become affected by the incident. Theses may also need reassurance.
Section 2.3
  1. Shout or call for help after checking   for response 2. We can use by standers, parents, witnesses staff and officials, collegues and other...