The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

              Seyisha Golden
              Seyisha Golden

Seyisha Golden

                            “The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory”

      Fire is my biggest fear, that’s the one thing that scares the “Shit” out of me. I can’t imagine
what it would be like fighting for my life in a burning building, house, or anywhere for that
matter. Fire… was the terrible tragedy that happen Saturday, March 25, 1911 at the “Triangle
Shirtwaist Factory” located at 23 – 29 Washington Place in Greenwich Village right here in
Manhattan, New York. It was remembered as one of the deadliest industrial disasters in history.
The lives that were taken will never be forgotten. They will always be remembered as the men
and women that suffered a death that one couldn’t even fathom. When the fire started the worker
struggled so hard to find a way out, but the fire spread so rapidly it was impossible to escape the
monstrous flames that engulfed the 8th, 9th, and the 10th floor of the “Triangle Shirtwaist Factory”
known as the Asch Building now called the Brown Building. Running for their lives the men,
and women only way out was by pushing, stairs, elevator, or jumping off the building landing
hoping to survive.
      The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was a place where men and mostly young immigrant women
worked 59 hour a week for a pay of only $7 to 1$2 a week.   That amount of money now a day
couldn’t even buy lunch better yet a seat on public transportation. To hear, read, or even watch
what happen to those people of the ”Triangle Shirtwaist Factory” is devastating, especially over
that amount of income they were getting paid for. It’s not worth, or even comes close enough to
the many lives that were taken that horrifying day. The death toll was 146, and 71 injured ages
ranging from 14 to 43 years old. I couldn’t fabricate...