Final Performance Summary

Southern New Hampshire University
Jacqueline Lyn Albert
14EW2 OL-421
Final Company Performance Summary

What I have concluded from round eight compared to rounds one through seven is that my results were not as high for the Low Tech Market Segment compared to the other teams.   The first few rounds my company was not doing so well, but with slight adjustments I was able to make slight improvements that made a slight impact here in round eight.   Below are the following graphs I have pulled from my Low Tech and High Tech Market Segment reports.   For charts below and charters in the rest of the summary please refer to team Andrews.

As of round eight my total industry unit demand for low-tech statistics was 10,804 units. I think this is where my mistakes were made because my actual industry unit sales were the same results. This also goes for High Tech statistics with 9,288 total units demanded and actually sold. The price range for my Low Tech statistics was $15-35.00; and the price range for my High Tech statistics was $25-45.00 with an importance of 25%.

My production analysis proves we need to work and improve! My company has a capacity of roughly 1,000 units. Our price per unit of producing it is $8.50 and the labor cost per hour is $10.20. However, we are only producing less than 500 units. We are clearly capable with our capacity of continuing with those productions. This is an error we can easily fix in order to maximize our profit.

Below is displayed our chart compared to other steams when it comes to the stock market analysis. We have not done well compared to the other teams, but there is always room for improving once we realize the errors of our ways.

We have a total of 2,943,003 shares of stock in our company, with a market cap of three million dollars. However our book value is ($1,012.91).   Our dividend is also $41.50. A dividend is the payment a corporation makes to its shareholders. Compared to the other teams...