A Proper Examination Into a Major Twenty-First Century Advertising Phenomenon: Viral Marketing

A Proper Examination into a Major
Twenty-First Century Advertising Phenomenon:
Viral Marketing

By: X X X

Communications Theory and Research
April 21st 2008

The Hanso Foundation: The Key to Human Development?

      Looking through Monster.com and it’s thousands of opportunities for employment, one may find themselves at Hansocareers.com, a functional company website seeking employees for job positions within the elite Hanso Foundation.   These job descriptions include titles and detailed descriptions for jobs ranging from Organ Courier (in Santa Barbara, CA), to Simian Veterinarian (in Zanzibar), or even an Anger Management Director (in Seoul, South Korea).
      Investigating the Hanso Foundation’s main website, one would find a detailed company history, as well as biographies for some of the top tier members of the Foundation.
      But what, exactly, is the Hanso Foundation?
      The official company mission statement is as follows:

          The Hanso Foundation stands at the vanguard of social and scientific research for the advancement of the human race. For forty years, the foundation has offered grants to worthy experiments designed to further the evolution of the human race and provide technological solutions to the most pressing problems of our time.
          The Hanso Foundation: a commitment to encouraging excellence in science and technology and furthering the cause of human development.

Such an idealistic, pristine company with such a bold mission statement would be on the threshold of many eager scientific studies, inquiring minds, and potential news outlets.   But as pristine and credible as the websites and press releases are, the Hanso Foundation is a detailed and highly realistic hoax.
That’s right; the Hanso Foundation and even it’s employees, such as the highly outspoken founder and CEO, Alvar Hanso, are nothing more than believable works of fiction.   Designed around an intricate template, both Alvar Hanso and the...