Fifa06 Tactics

Attacking Keys (when you attack) :

Press Q+DK to activate player runs.
Press W+DK for through ball.
Hold E+DK to run.
Use A+DK for lob pass/cross (with power meter). Also used to throw in the ball.
Press S+DK to pass.
Use D+DK to shoot (with power meter) or to clear the ball if you are in your own half. Hold D, for overhead/voley kick, before the player receives the ball.
Press Z+DK for dribbling.
Press C to control the pace or to cancel your last move.
Use Shift+DK for dribbling/first touch.

Defending Keys:

Hold Q to call in second defender and for pressing.
Hold W to make the Goalie come out for the ball (Goalkeeper charge).
Hold E+DK to run.
Press A (+DK optional) for sliding tackle.
Press S to control another player.
Press D (+DK optional) for conservative tackle/clear the ball.
Hold C to slow down your player.

Lay-off Shot Keys:

Press C to call in second player.
Press S to pass the ball to a close player.
Press D to shoot the ball (with Power Meter).

Corner/Indirect Free-Kick Keys:

Press S to pass the ball to a close player.
Press A to cross the ball inside the box (with Power Meter).
Hold Q and press A for driven ball.


Attacking Tip&Tricks:
When holding Q, press W+DK for lob through ball.
You can use this effectively when your receiver is closely marked by an opponent.
When holding Q, press A+DK for low cross. You can use this when there are less opponent players inside the box.

When holding Q, press D+DK for lob shot. This is very useful when you are 1 on 1 with the Goalkeeper, inside the box.

When holding Q , press S+DK then press S again for 1-2 pass. This is most useful when you are trying to lose an opponent.

When running, hold C and then press S+DK for trick pass. This way you will disguise you intention. You can use this in the same way for through pass (W+DK), lob pass/cross (A+DK) or shot (D+DK).

When you are inside de box, receiving a cross, you can press C+D to simulate an...