Tactical Problem

Higher HQ guidance: 1. Restore central government control of the provincial
capital and citadel 2. Retain loyalty of central government supporters and 3. Neutralize threat
posed by the militia
There are implied issues with higher HQ guidance.   Operations must not cause civilian loyalties toward the militias.   Higher HQ guidance also states that it wants to “neutralize” the enemy, not destroy.   Neutralizing the militias while maintaining central government civilian loyalty will assist in accomplishing the objectives set forth by Higher HQ.    
-LTC Ethelred’s BN consists of around 600 men and most were trained in U.S. military schools
-21 M-1 Abrams, 20 M-2 BFVs, and 8 M-198s
- BN readiness is reported at 70 percent as of 2 weeks ago
- Significant stockpiled Class V supplies is estimated
- Ability to sustain continuous operations beyond 72 hours is questionable
- The country contains around 6000 militia with small arms, crew-served weapon systems, and
mortars.   Their location is not included in the intelligence and they are assumed to be in their
area of operations.  
- LTC Ethelred controls New Olaf and the Citadel.   In addition to this he also controls the
water plant and railroad lines in the area. The water plant processes 80% of the city’s water and
50% of its food supply is moved via the railroad    
- Friendly forces for this operation include the 2nd IBCT, 33rd Division located at FOB Viking  
- Capabilities include around 4000 Soldiers, forced entry options, mix of weapon systems, and  
Air Assault  
- U.S. friendly forces must obtain the objectives by seizing the initiative and rapidly neutralizing  
the militia
- Friendly forces must prevent militia sympathy beyond New Olaf and preventing an increase in
enemy numbers
- Friendly forces must secure the water and railroad line to prevent destruction of these vital
- New Olaf contains around 35,000 residents, 13,000 houses...