Features and Wide Applicationof Mobile of Jaw Crusher

Mobile jaw crushers greatly expand the concept field of coarse crushing, and its designing mission is that standing in the position of customers, eliminates the impediments brought by the crushing site and the environment to the crushing process and provides highly efficient and low-cost project operational equipment for the customers.

Features of Mobile Jaw Crusher

(1) The working line of the mobile jaw crusher is relatively short, and different crushing equipment can be separately installed on independent mobile chassis, so that it can flexibly move on common road and in working area.

(2) It can reduce the transportation cost of the materials because it is able to process the materials directly on the crushing site, so that there is no need to move the materials to other sites for processing, thus greatly reducing the transportation cost.

(3) It has flexible combination and strong adaptability. According to different crushing requirement, it can be combined into “first crushing and then screening”, or “first screening and then crushing”, and according to the actual requirement, it can also be combined into coarse crushing, fine crushing and then screening system or coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing and screening system, and it can also operate independently.

Wide Application of Mobile Jaw Crusher

Mobile jaw crusher can be used for crushing many kinds of materials in metallurgy, chemistry and building material and other industries.

(1) It is widely used for the recycle of industrial wastes and building wastes in mining and coal mines, city infrastructure construction and road paving industry.

(2) It can be used for processing topsoil and other types of materials, separating sticky concrete aggregate, screening the materials after crushing and quarrying in the mining industry.

(3) It is also used for manufacturing artificial sand.

Mobile jaw crusher is the latest rock crushing machine which is mainly used for...