Fast and the Furious

We live in a world full of choices. In every moment, we are presented with the opportunity to

choose from an array of options. However, the truth is, making the right choice is not always easy. Often the movie The Fast and the Furious appeals to most male adolescents, by their presentation of hot cars and hot girls, but the movie is more than that. The movie explores the concept of critical lifechanging decisions in great depth and shows how one can respond to such situations and initiate a critical decision. Exemplified by the two principal protagonists, Brian and Dominic show their dedication by fulfilling their commitments. Dominic Toretto’s sole dedication in life: his rigorous preparation for the quarter-mile races, illustrates his passion to become just a second faster than everyone else. In a similar fashion, Brian O’Connor’s critical decision leads to his act of outlaw, which eventually becomes his dedication. Dominic Toretto awakens Brian by his determined words, “I live a quarter-mile at a time, nothing else matters. For those ten-seconds or less, I’m free.” As critical decisions challenge Brian, Dominic’s powerful words inspire Brian to focus on what is important in life. In the same way, Dominic’s quote also provides an influence to the person I am today. His words captured my attention and remained with me throughout my life in high school. His quote further exemplifies that decisions and goals are often achieved by focusing on a small portion of life at a time.
Brian O’Connor is an undercover detective who has the obligation to end illegal street-racing.

However, as Brian acquaints himself with Dominic Toretto, he is often challenged to choose between his friends and the law. Through his increasingly deep relationship with Dominic, Brian realizes that his friends outweigh the law. By giving Brian the support he needs when the law puts him in difficult situations, Brian develops a high regard for his friends. As a result, he allows Dominic and his...