Famouse Women- Susan B. Anthony

Famous Women Report- Susan B. Anthony
Women have a unique ability to emerge as influential people in society. Their achievements and contributions have an encouraging impact on all mankind. Susan B. Anthony is a prime example of this. Using two main sources, Susan B. Anthony, Women Suffragist by Barbara Weisberg and Failure is Impossible; The Story of Susan B. Anthony by Lisa Frederickson Bohannon, my essays facts can be further researched. In the following paragraphs you will learn much about her, and her fight for Women’s Civil Rights.

Behind every great person there is even greater support and influences. Susan B. Anthony’s main influence is her father, Daniel Anthony. He always supports the idea of women being independent, and persuing careers paths if they choose (Weisberg 26-29). Throughout her life Miss Anthony, has gone through many teaching jobs, even working as a headmisstress. Daniel Anthony feels very highly of teaching and has taught all of his children how to teach. Mr. Anthony supported women being treated equally to men (Bohannon 12 &15). As Ms. Anthony traveled for cause, her father supported her financially. Another of Ms. Anthonys’ influences is her family’s religion, the Quaker Religion. Quakers believed women were equal to men and should be treated that way. In Quaker meetings women are allowed to speak, vote, and participate in church meetings, and events (Bohannon 9-11) At age thirteen Ms. Anthony is sent to Madame Mousleys’ “School for Young Ladies”. Madame Mousley believes women are to be proper and should be treated as women, “…There is reason the Lord created woman and it is to stand by mans side not the other way...”(Weisberg 31-32- quote only). Madame Mousley also felt women have no reason to learn algebra. Throughout her four years in Madame Mousleys school, Madame Mousley slowly stripped Ms. Anthony of her self confidence and spirit. Madame Mousley claimes in a letter that Ms. Anthony, “…laughs too much, and thinks too little....