The word family is used quite often, but very few people will actually understand the true meaning of the word. What does family mean to you? Some people may say it means having someone who is always there for them, whereas others may say it is the reason for their anger or pain. Many people will have different opinions on what the word family means to them. For me family means having a friend who is always there for you when you need it most. Family is what makes life easier by helping you through the tough times.

To begin, my immediate family consists of my mom, dad, sister, brother and grandma. although my family may be crazy at times and not always get along, when it comes down to it we’re all there for eachother. As I am the youngest in my family it tends to just be me and my parents doing things together. Both my sister and brother are growing up and aren’t always around. Usually during the summer my family will get together and go boating. This is something that we like to do together.

My family originates from England and Czech Republic. My British background comes from my moms side of the family and Czech is on my dads side. Both of my parents were raised in Canada as children and have stayed here ever since. My mom was born in England but brought to Canada at a young age.Whereas my dad was born in Toronto.
  The reason for my mom coming to Canada is there were more opportunities and lower expenses here.

Furthermore, I was raised with both the British and Czech traditions which mostly show in the meals that we eat or the way we say certain words, for example serviettes or saucers. We tend to eat food with names like toad in the hole or sausage and sauerkraut. These are just some of the things that show my families background. All of my moms side of the family still lives in England and I hope that one day I can travel there with my family.

In conclusion, everyone will have different opinions on what the word family means to them but this...