Family Support


Title of Assignment
In the context of your role as a future family support worker, consider both why it is important and how best, to support the family.

Family institution in Ireland has seen a major transformation in terms of ethics, morality and lived experiences, it has evolved from the referenced married nuclear family to a broad array of family unions, and in its wake are consequences for the family. This essay will be looking at why it is important to support the family as a family worker and how best to achieve such an intervention. The essay acknowledges there are a plethora of evidence why families need support and ways to ensure delivery of service, but it will focus on a few.
According to Pinkerton et al. (2006) family support is a process through which a set of activities and facilities are put together by statutory, voluntary, community and private services to ensure the well- being of children and their families; it is aimed at early intervention and the prevention of troubled family relationships getting dysfunctional. O’Doherty (2007) suggested that these supports could be emotional, practical or esteem support.

Family support is important in shaping a child’s developmental experience, faced within the family and their relationship to the outside world. It helps the child to build resilience which thus acts as a buffer in dealing with stressors. For instance, when a child experiences parental loss, abuse, neglect, rejection by parental figures, separation from attachment figure in early childhood or witnessing parental conflict, violence, disruptive or unreliable care can all have a serious negative impact on the child’s early development (Gilligan cited in Canavan et al.2006).
These negative stressors according to Runyan et al. (1998) cited in Gilligan (2000) are countered by the cumulative protective family support interventions, by reducing the stressor and adding protective positive factors in the child’s life....