Family History

Essay #1: Family History
It all started on a very hot windy summer in 1985, as I was walking home from school on a   Thursday afternoon. I was speed walking trying to get home as quick as possible because the weather was unforgivingly hot, when I accidentally tripped on a rock on the sidewalk. I fell on my hands and   knees while   all my school papers started flying all over the place. I got up quickly, trying to grab all my homework and school notes but the wind wasn't letting up. As I was picking up the papers from the floor I heard a voice say," Mmm, nice work Valentina." Startled, I immediately   looked up and saw a handsome young man holding some of my papers in his hands with   a big smile on his face. I had never seen him before but wasn't complaining, he was nice to look at. I got up and gave him my thanks. "No problem, any time," he responded as I continued to my walk home. We both didn't know what the future had in store for us.
I remember getting home and telling my mother what had   happened and what a beautiful smile he had. There was something about him that kept me intrigued about him day and night. A few weeks passed and I grew infatuated with him, so much I would keep walking the same way home hoping to run into him once again but to no avail. Then on an ordinary Sunday morning, when my whole family and I went to church, I saw him from afar and felt as my heart started to pound against my chest . I was so nervous, I had imagined this moment a lot but hadn't formulated a plan for when it actually happened. I counted the minutes for church to be over, so that I could approach him and see if he remembered me as well . I waited patiently for my mother outside when I heard a him say, "Hello Valentina anymore papers flying away?" I looked back and there he was, once again with that beautiful smile looking at me. I felt as my face started turning crimson and responded with a slight chuckle, " No, no more flying papers this time". We started a light...