Family History

Guadalupe Diaz
English 1301
Family History
Mr. Haske
September 15, 2013

’’Family History’’
Every year in November my father comes home together to have a thanksgiving dinner and spent time with the family. I still remember last year we celebrated that my father had just come from working a long time in Michigan. After too much hugging and crying, everyone sat to eat the delicious turkey my mom had made for the family. While we were eating, I asked my dad ‘’how was it working up north in a huge farm’’, he answered ‘’it has been rough. Watching my dad made me feel bad because he was sacrificing himself to make sure we had everything we needed. However, at that same time I felt loved for all the hard work he has done for his family.
I can actually say that my father is a hard worker. My dad used to work in a restaurant where they pay him two hundred dollars a month. Each day he came tired and went to sleep right away without eating. Where he worked he had to clean restrooms and mop the floors and they paid him a miserable salary. Therefore, my mother decided to look a job in the newspaper but she had a hard time finding one. Until then she saw a job in Michigan where they needed workers who had experience working in a farm. At that moment I was mad that my mother would tell my father about the job that was far away, but I wanted him to work at a better place. As soon as he came home my mom ran up to him and showed him the job on the newspaper, when he saw it he just smiled with a big frown, I felt happy for him.
Before my father could go to Michigan he had to quit, so he made a phone call to his manager and told him he was quitting and hanged up. It was quick that I just stared at him and we both started laughing hysterically. The next morning my father left, I didn’t notice at what time but all he left was a letter saying ‘’I love you princess’’. I felt confused he only had said good-bye to my mother, I realized he didn’t want to see me cry. Two weeks later...