Factset Application - Graduate Scheme

What attracts you to the role of a consultant at FactSet?   *

I was drawn to consultancy, and in particular FactSet after seeing the numerous awards it had gained with regards to the employee satisfaction. I feel working in consultancy will give me the opportunity to work on huge variety of different projects, where interacting with a range of different clients is key to implementing a successful strategy. Furthermore the satisfaction gained when seeing the strategy you have implemented has made a real difference and benefited a client is what ultimately drives me towards a career in consultancy. In addition the opportunity to be sponsored for the CFA shows that the company is taking an interest in the further education of its staff, something that is very important to me as it gives me the chance to keep learning and developing throughout my career.

What do you think a consultant does at FactSet?   *

I believe a consultant starting at FactSet will be required to create new meaningful relationships with clients from different areas and backgrounds in order to help develop novel ways of streamlining research and analysis. On top of this I understand that a huge deal of data handling and analysis will also be required on a day to day basis when developing strategies for clients, as well as visiting clients and being able to communicate this analysis clearly so that they   are satisfied with the level of consulting they are receiving.

What three skills do you think makes a good consultant? Please provide examples of how you meet these skills.   *

The ability to spot areas that need improving is detrimental to anyone who wants to enter consulting. An example where I’ve exhibited these abilities was when I put forth the idea to create an online feedback platform for managers and supervisors like myself to help operations within the store run smoother. The idea was taken on extremely well and has since been developed by the company so that all stores are on...