Facts vs Inferences

The other day my sister and I were in the car with our kids.   We were on our way to take the kids to a museum called World of Wings.   I can’t remember how we got into the conversation about her mother-in-law.   Her mother-in-law lives in the same house with my sister, my brother-in-law and their 3 kids.   She was telling me that she appreciates everything her mother-in-law does for her and her husband.
But she wants her to get her own place and move out.   She said her mother-in-law gets into the middle of everything they go threw.   If my sister and her husband get into an argument, she is always putting her nose into it.   She takes any meat my sister has and gives it to her other son.   My sister gets very frustrated with this since she is spending the money.
She wants to just live with her family in her house without having someone else always getting in the middle.   The fact is that she wants her mother-in-law to move out.   An inference would be that she considers her mother-in-law nosey.  
The alternate tentative statements that would be more accurate would be “it seem that my sister’s mother-in-law may cause serious problem in the relationship” or “it seems that my sister’s mother-in-law may be the type of person that starts problems.”
I met up with my little sister the other day for coffee just to sit and talk.   We haven’t seen each other in a while since we have very busy lives.   So we were catching up with everything.   I was talking to her about her niece and nephews.   All of a sudden she started to vent about one of her co-workers.  
She was upset because ever since she has been working there this co-worker has been making her life miserable.   She tells me how nice this lady is to her face but behind her back she is a hypocrite.   She goes to complain to the bosses about my sister about everything even the little things.   There’s not much my sister can do since her co-worker has been there a long time.
She was hoping that her bosses would say something to...