Child Development and Factors/Influences Affecting Development

Explain the difference between

the sequence of and rate of development

The sequence of child development refers to an order in which the child achieves/meets their milestones throughout their lives i.e., learn to babble, talk, crawl, walk etc.
The rate of child development refers to the speed in which the child is developing at.
and why this difference is important

The difference between the sequence and rate of child development is important as the sequence in which a child may develop isn’t set in stone so to say. There’ll be milestones for instance that some children won’t meet, skip them completely and move to the next one down the line.
Whereas the rate it’ll help you in the aid to determine a child’s individual needs achedemicly, in the instance of whether additional help is needed and in which areas. Enabling the child to get the right help and support when and where needed.

Using the following provide an explanation of the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19 years.


0 – 3 years

* May be willing to socialise with others by offering their toys to others – about 6 months of age
* Will try singing along and copying actions with you to nursery rhymes – about 9 months of age.
* May attempt to join in when others are having conversations around them – about 1 year of age.
* Will be able to socialise by using some words of recognition – about 18 months of age
* Can play with groups of children for short and long periods of time – about 2 years of age

3-7 years  

* Will enjoy family outings and going out for meals – about 3 years of age.
* Whilst talking and doing activities will start to display their own sense of humor – 4 years of age.
* May display comfort to and will talk to friends who are hurt – 5 years of age.
* Can become involved in lengthy conversations as well as raising questions during them – 6 years old.
* Raise their own concerns when they feel they may...