Facilitate Learning and Development Activities to Meet an Individuals Needs

1.1 The benefits of learning and development activities to individuals that are using your services are that learning activities can keep the brain active. I work in a care home for the elderly and by doing activities such as quizzes and crosswords the residents are having but at the same time keeping their brain working, this will develop their knowledge of certain things.
1.2 The purpose of having a range of different learning activities is because individuals may learn things in different ways such as by doing something or reading something. The different activities also offers a diversity of knowledge so they will be entertained at the same time as they are not doing the same activity over and over again.
1.3 Individual needs such as mental health or physical health can influence how development activities are delivered because the individual may require extra help or have to learn different. For example if somebody is blind, you cannot give them a learning activity that requires   reading, the same as if an individual was deaf you cannot expect them to learn through listening activities. Individual preferences may also influence how a learning activity is accessed or delivered because if an individual does not like the activity or the way you have to complete the activity, they will not want to participate.
2.3 A tailor made activity may be more beneficial to an individual as the activity will be designed to suit the individual's needs. For example an activity for somebody with a learning difficulty may be more beneficial to them if it was made to suit their needs if the activity is related to skills development. Another example would be if an individual could not walk for very long or complete any physical activities for a while you might find that tailoring the activity so that there is a mixture between physical activities and breaks then it may benefit the individual more especially if the activities are to promote fitness or mobility. You can facilitate...