Eymp 5

Speech is how we physically produce the sounds that make up a language. Speech is made up of, amongst other things:   tone, pitch and volume.
Language is a collection of symbols, verbal or other that allows people with a common language to understand each other. Most languages are spoken and written while others rely on signs and gestures.
Communication is forms of expression that allow ourselves to be understood and to understand others. Effective communication relies on various skills including listening, turn taking, a mutual language and the ability to express oneself.
When a child cannot communicate effectively because they are deficient in speech and or language skills and finds it difficult to understand and be understood by others, the child has SLCN (Speech Language and Communication Needs).

If a child has developed the age appropriate SLC skills, they will have the ability to learn because they will understand the information that is being communicated to them.
Children who are able to express their feelings effectively will be able to ask for help with having their basic needs met and as a result be more content.
Good communication skills will influence positive behaviour because a child will be able to understand how they are expected to behave. Children with appropriate SLC skills are more likely to be understood, making them feel included, sociable and able to build friendships.
Children with SLCN may find it more difficult to understand instructions and may fail reaching their full potential if they are not taught to communicate effectively.
If children do not understand what they are being taught, they will not be able to learn effectively. If they are unable to develop the necessary learning skills when they are young, the problem may persist and as a result they might “fall behind” in school. This may distress them and lower their self-worth.
Children who are...