Eymp 3

EYMP3- Children’s welfare and well being in the early years.
CYPOP 2- Care for the physical and nutritional needs of babies and young children.
5.1 Identify balanced meals, snacks, and drinks for children in their early years following current government guidance on nutritional needs (EYMP 3)
6.2 Plan meals for young children that meet their nutritional needs based on current government guidance and information.

The Eat Well Plate

The eat well plate shows us the different types of foods and in what proportion, we need for a healthy balanced diet. It is important that children are given a healthy diet that consists of a wide variety of foods to allow their body to grow and so that they have lots of energy.
The government recommend that we eat 5 portions of fruit and veg every day as part of a healthy balanced diet. This can be achieved by snacking on fruit or raw vegetables such as carrot sticks, or adding it to cooked meals such as vegetable soup or fruit salad.
Frozen, tinned and dried fruit and veg can all be counted into your 5 a day. Ready meals, tins of soups and sauces such as ready made pasta sauce can also be counted into your 5 a day but may be high in salt, fat and sugar so it is only recommended in small amounts.
Having a healthy balanced diet is vital for children and young people as poor diet can affect many areas of a child’s health, such as
  * Tooth decay.
  * Underweight.
  * Obesity.
  * Prone to infections such as cold, flu and bronchitis.
  * Stunt in their growth.
  * Nutritional anaemia.
So it is important that children’s meals are planned following government guidelines with a variety of different foods. It is also important that children’s individual needs are taken into account, such as allergies, religion, personal choices.

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