External Causes or Stress

Identify and describe three internal causes of stress.
Introduction: Stress is caused by internal emotion and depending on the types one is faced with and individual response can either make or mare the individual. The main source of stress is anxiety built up in a person especially in the health, marriage, finance, personality, employment and leads to fear and frustration.
• Fear: Fear of unknown cause’s internal stress throughout people’s life in each daily task and crucial decisions. Fear stops people from overcoming challenges, but it can also inspire others to control it. The fear (phobia) cut across all facet of life including; fear to speaking in public, board a plane, pass exams, maintain relationships, be wealthy and successful, be fit and healthy.
• Frustration: This is a consequential state of insecurity and dissatisfactions arising from unresolved problem or unfulfilled tasks. Frustration leads to different stages of stress, and may finally result to ill health (mentally, stroke and death), divorce (prostitution, infidelity and other social ills like drug addition, stealing, pick pockets) or loss of very close relative.

• Negative and unrealistic expectation: This is uncertain outcome about any aspect of human life allowing internal stress to build up in mind. For example, any attempts believed to make you achieve higher or greater than necessary will only let one down especially when your aspirations are not met. This internal stress of not being perfect can therefore cause stress. Also, embracing negative comment and spreading negative opinion and conversation (being hopeless) will add to internal stress from believing and sharing negative concept especially when the concept is either wrong or contrary to general belief.
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