Explore the View That a Consumer Society Produces Both Winners and Losers


Defining customer society and explain how it produces winner and losers

Examples of winners and losers


Explain Zygmunt Bauman’s argument how consumer society are divided into “the seduced” and “the repressed”.

Describe who are “the seduced” and “the repressed” and how do they affect the consumer society producing winners and losers.

How this leads to division and inequality between the society.

Arguments anti-supermarkets: how they have contributed to a zero-sum game for example taking all the business from the small shops or farm markets, taking advantage of workers overseas or within UK by paying them a small wage.

Arguments pro-supermarkets: their contribution for a positive-sum game where both parties benefit and it is a win-win situation, mutual exploitation. Customer Society produces winners by being offered a variety of goods where both consumer and community benefit affordability.


Expand the view that a consumer society produces both winners and losers in lots of different situations for example between the consumer society and supermarkets, between the two groups in our society “the repressed” and “the seduced”.

Arguments anti-supermarkets and pro-supermarkets and how they bring a zero-sum game or a positive-sum game to the table.

Consumer society is defined as a society in which people buy and spend money particularly on their lifestyle trying to make a status, an image for themselves.

Examples of winners produced by consumer society are people who are offered jobs in big supermarkets, the society changes and ti grows with the help of the consumers, jobs are being offered within UK in these supermarkets.
Example of losers produced by consumer society are the shops that have had to close down due to the big supermarkets, people overseas or within UK who worked for these big companies to supply the clothes and food get very low paid wages, the society...