Explain What Is Meant by Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Discrimination

Mlekani Wendie Gondwe QCF Level 2 Unit SHC 023

      1.1 Explain what is meant by

Diversity - Diversity means state of being varied. It pertains to the differences in culture, religion, disability, beliefs and attitudes of each individual in any group of people. All aspects of life respect differences and acceptance of human diversity. E.g. In schools you would find welcome signs in different language incorporating all languages that are inclusive in that particular school.
Equality – Equality means that all people have the same rights and status regardless of our colour, sex orientation or race. This also means that we are all therefore eligible to equal opportunities in education and work places whether male or female.
Inclusion – Inclusion means considering everybody to participate in an activity or socialising without barriers. This would involve adapting places for people who have disabilities i.e buses, play areas and toilets. It also means realising that we engage with people with difficulties with positivity to get them included in various activities.
Discrimination – Discrimination means treating someone less favourably than the other because of their race, age, sex or religion. An example would be in a school or workplace where the ethnic groups are in minority and when they apply for a place to work or educate, they are refused because of their ethnicity.
      1.2 How might discrimination deliberately or inadvertently occur in your workplace, again use examples.

This may occur in cases where there is majority of one race against the other and the minority don’t get a chance to get an opportunity. In a workplace it can be where someone is gay/lesbian and people don’t engage with them because of their sexuality which they don’t agree with.

      1.3 How do practices in your workplace support equality and inclusion and reduce the risk of discrimination?

At my workplace, the policy and procedures regarding Equality and Inclusion are...