What Are Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Discrimination?

What are diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination?
Diversity- Diversity mean is state of being varied. It relevant to the differences in culture, religion, disability, beliefs and attitudes, etc. of each individual in any group of people. All aspects of life, respect for differences and acceptance of human diversity.
For example:
• The school display different language welcome poster at the front door, to welcome everyone who speak different languages to come.
• Many different types of school for every aspect of people educate.  
Equality- Equality mean is everyone have same opportunities .Everyone have different needs and requirements, practitioners need to know and understand their needs and requirements. However, they need reasonable adjustment to meet their needs and requirements. They need to give equal opportunities for everyone.
For example:
• No matter who you are or where you from, you have right to educate.
• No matter you are female or male, you have chance to do every job or work.
Inclusion- Inclusion mean is everyone has same opportunity, setting must provide for each child individual’s needs and removing their barriers.
For example:
• The school will make ramp and disable toilet for people who use wheelchair or walking disability.
• The schools provide colour transparencies for dyslexic.
Discrimination- Discrimination can be direct and indirect discrimination. Direct discrimination is treating someone less favorably than other people. Indirect discrimination is when a condition or requirement is applied to everyone, but put you at an unfair disadvantage. People can be discrimination of racial, sex, age and disability……etc.

For example:
• The school rejected someone application because they have a physical issue or mental illness.
• English is her second language but the teacher doesn’t care her think or needs.