Explain the Main Aspects of Central Control of Local Government and the Main Reasons for Such Control. Should Local Government Have More Autonomy?

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Aaron James Crank

Control of power within the United Kingdom is based within central government, at Westminster. These powers throughout the years have been delegated to Local Governments to fundamentally make an improvement on the lives of the local people and the local communities they look over. In order to have a strong democracy within the United Kingdom both central and local government need to be connected as one and share the same powers. So why does Westminster (central government) maintain most of the control?

What is local government in Britain? Why is it important? What purpose does it serve etc.

Local government within the United Kingdom can be broken down into two tiers: county councils and district, borough or city councils. Sometimes there can be a Unitary authority, this means that only one of the above provide all the functions to that area and local community.   When trying to explain local government its useful to imagine a tree, Central government (Westminster) is the trunk and roots of the tree this is where all the foundations and main functions are. Local government can be seen as the branches of the tree, this shows that Local government is wide spread throughout the United Kingdom but all lead back to central government. Showing that Central government is always in control.

So why do we need local government? local government provides local people and local communities with what they need the most, a way to help improve the area in which people live and provide the services they need. County council's are responsible for services such as:
    • Education - By providing funding, local government can ensure that individuals in education are receiving up-to-date equipment, books and more
    • Transport - they ensure that the public have ways to travelling around via. buses, trains etc.
    • Planning - this allows companies and or local residents to ask permission to...