Effective Teaching and Leanring

Induction assignment
The effective teaching and learning assignment
Throughout the induction period of my placement, I observed numerous teachers and I found that there are two main factors for effective teaching and learning. The first of which is planning.
Planning has a huge importance in the classroom as it provides structure to the lesson. This implies that a lesson plan allows a teacher to put timing in place for a lesson which will allow the pupils enough time to work but still ensure there is time for a plenary activity a the end of the lesson. This plenary is generally used for assessment for learning purposes so it is essential to have one in each lesson. In the lesson plan it is essential to highlight the lesson objectives and the lesson outcomes (Appendix III & Appendix II) .This helps as prior to the lesson the teacher can ensure good subject knowledge and can find and vet good resources that can be used throughout the lesson. The plan also covers the keywords and key concepts to be covered in the lesson. As a trainee teacher I find this very effective as it summarises the basis of the lesson and it helps to draw our attention to the main aspects of the lesson.
I also found that planning for the possible misconceptions helped as when students answered with wrong answers the teacher would have some constructive criticism as opposed to just telling the pupil they are wrong he/she could tell them it was a good idea and along the right track but could be improved on with a little help from another member of the class.
The lesson plan also gives the teacher a chance to evaluate and risks that could occur during a practical and set out a risk assessment form for said practical. Health and safety are huge issues in a science lab so these risk assessment forms have to be prepared in advance to a lesson. (Appendix I & Appendix III)
An effective teacher ensures that there is effective learning in the classroom. The lesson plan is a great way to...