Explain the Importance of Induction to the Employer

TASK 2 (C)
Because under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, employers are required during this time to introduce and to provide adequate information by demonstrations, giving instructions, provide training and supervision as is necessary to increase knowledge and develop the skills needed for health and safety in the work place. These include training personnel on how to use all the equipment that are being used in the work place safely. Training and clear instructions on manual handling and safe lifting technique are some of the things that are of uttermost importance for the employer to include in the induction process. It is important for the employer during the induction process to introduce and talk about the product that they will be using and to explain all about safety such as COSHH, explain proper disposal of hazardous waste.   The benefits of these to the employer ensuring that health and safety rules are properly disseminate during the induction process is that it can help to reduce the chances of accidents and injuries, thus prevent absences because of sickness from injuries which will result in the lost of man hours.   Avoiding accident, this will increase productivity from workers for the organisation or company and increase profit. Including Health and safety in an induction process will save time, money and help to reduce business costs for legal action, insurance premiums, compensation, business disruption and saving the reputation as well.

An Induction process may help to reduce staff turnover in the early stages of employment, because during this time an employer will identify and acknowledge any issues or problems and address them as soon as possible. It is also an opportunity for the employer to identify the relevant skills and knowledge needed and to use them in the appropriate area for maximum effect, improvement and benefit from their services in the company or the organisation,...