Identify What Risk Communication Is and Explain Its Importance for the Security Manager - 800 Words Complete‏

Identify what risk communication is and explain its importance for the security manager - 800 words complete‏
What is risk communication?
‘Risk communication is an exchange of information about the likelihood and consequences of adverse events’.
Risk communication is being able to identify, prioritise and distribute the information of any threat of risk across an organisation effectively and as promptly as possible. This will help the organisation minimize, and control any risk or unfortunate event as thoroughly as possible.
Effective risk communication will need to be executed appropriately and is vital as it will help increase the response time of security managers especially during an emergency. This will ensure managers and employees are more prompt, efficient and aware. Furthermore, effective risk communication will reduce the likelihood of any misinformation and determine the leadership potential of a security manager.
I believe the ability to communicate risk is one of the single most important characteristics a security manager can have. In order to implement any security strategy designed to caution risk for the benefit of the organisation, it is fundamental that any risk is communicated in a simple yet effective way for employees at all levels to understand. This will ensure that any strategy wished to be implemented will be supported and grasped by all employees and in turn would lead to successful application.
For the security manager, this becomes even more important, once a threat to the organisation has been recognized and the risks assessed, the security manager must be able to demonstrate that the risk is sufficient and that the strategy put in place to remove it is both appropriate and effective.
Every organisation will at some point become vulnerable to some level of risk. It is the security managers’ job to evaluate the threat or risk and caution action as they see fit. It is their job to be alert and to be able to communicate any...