Explain How Play and Activities Are Used to Support the Development of Speech Lanuage and Communicaton

4.3 Explain how play and activities are used to support the development of speech, language and communication.

Play and activities are essential in supporting the development of speech, language and communication.   It teaches them about themselves as well as the world around them.   Regular play is a simple and effective way for developing speech, language and communication.   Play is great is a great way for children to learn names, objects, colours and numbers.   It also is a fantastic tool in helping them to learn to listen.   During play children can learn to express themselves and use their imagination.   It will also help build their self-esteem.   When a child is playing, they do not realise that they are learning.   Play enhances all areas of development.   They will need their speech and language skills to communicate with others.   As the child grows, they will still need to be given encouragement to use their speech, language and communication skills through play and activities.   The more a child can play. The more they will be able to develop their imagination which will help them with all aspects of the National Curriculum
Below is a diagram that shows how a child’s speech, language and communication develop.

It shows that before a child can learn to speak, they need to develop and understand the three steps below the line.   As it demonstrates, play and interaction is the first step to the building blocks of speaking.   Unfortunately, in the day that we live today where both parents are working, busier lives, feel of children playing outside in parks, it is sometimes easier for their children to be plugged into computer games rather than playing outside with siblings or peers or even going for a walk, which is an ideal opportunity to talk to their child.   When my oldest son was younger, I also worked full-time.   I did make sure that the weekends were our time.   I remember once, when I was decorating a room, he sat himself down with...