Explain How Information from Initial Assessment May Be Used

When students wish to attend a course at Mainport Training they are required to complete an enrolment form.   Details that are required on the enrolment from are name, address, post code, status, gender, date of birth and national insurance number. Also required are any Qualifications at entry and any relevant experience. Once an enrolment form is complete the student is given an initial interview, at the interview the student can raise any issues and discuss all aspects of the course that they wish to attend.  

An initial assessment then takes place to give me information and insight regarding the student such as course suitability and qualifications held, what should they achieve by the end of the course and what additional support needs do they need and how can I meet them. I also look to see if they have prior experience that can be used to set higher or additional qualifications or units. If applicable I look at what are their employers expectations and what are there specific legal requirements (medical requirements). It is also important to look at equality and diversity issues and the students learning styles and personal characteristic.

During the initial assessment students are required to complete a basic skills test for literacy and numeracy, the results of this are fed back to the student and where necessary they are offered help and support to improve these skills. The basic skills test are administered by dedicated basic skills tutors at our Port Talbot Centre and should the student require help and advice regarding basic skills they would be referred to them.   The basic skills tutor would feed any information regarding the student back to me.

Initial assessment is essential in the development of learning plans but students are individuals and some individuals may develop and learn at a different rate to other individuals this means that a learning and development plan needs to be a document that can incorporate change if and when the need...